7 New Ways to Use Social Media in Bridal Shops


The changes in social media are exciting for bridal stores!

Consumers want a personal connection and social media is the ideal place for retailers to shine.

They can become an influencer. You do not have to be a TV personality anymore to influence.

Create how-to videos, unboxing videos when new gowns or accessories arrive, highlight your experience and personality.


The flip side of this is to make guests feel like they are influencers.

Welcome social media in your establishment.

Encourage sharing and make it easy for them to do so.

Be Shareable.


Social media also allows bridal shop owners to reach out via networks to other influencers and the media to garner attention and media.

Social Media Moment Marketing.


Most importantly, highlight what makes you unique!

Have fun and let people know who you are.


Make social media part of your sales process.

Embrace. Engage. Educate.


My biggest piece of advice is to us social media to make their store a destination!

Create a social media moment for customers.


Bridal Shop owners could use these as a way to create a fun, unique and special way for brides to take pictures in the store, or have a local artist paint a mural on the outside of the building.


Create a place for selfies or pictures inside or outside the store. Maybe it is putting up a mural or a background where pictures can be taken after they have found THE dress.


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