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Corporate Gifting

Let’s give them something to talk about.

What is the best corporate gift?

The kind that doesn’t feel corporate.

Sorry, no logo items here.



This is their day.

Let’s mix it up.

Do you really think a pen with your logo on it will impress them?

Do they look like a gift basket of fruit is just what they need to know how much you value them?

Gift different.

Chicago’s best corporate gifting company. Unique, out of the box corporate gift experience.
Best corporate gifting company. When a gift basket just won’t do it. Corporate gifts that don’t feel corporate.

Not another meeting.

Let’s be memorable.

Does it look like they cannot wait to see what is in the bag?

How are they going to remember the gift or the meeting or the company?

Gift experience.


Build brand experience & strengthen relationships

Our gifting services include:

  • Comprehensive gifting services

  • Customized gift experiences

  • Creative packaging

  • Unique delivery

  • On-trend, on-brand ideas & development

  • Hassle-free fulfillment & timed arrival dates

  • Volume discounts & contract pricing

  • No promotional inserts from us

  • High-end customer service to the recipient (and you of course)

  • Personal notes

  • The Gift Store

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Tracking & reporting

  • Gift list management


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